Sic Bo Terms & Definitions

Sic Bo Terms & Definitions

Sic Bo is a renowned dice game that begins from   Wow Slot 567  China. The Asian toss of the dice stays famous in web-based club and live club around the world.

Albeit basic in its embodiment,  \Sic Bo is still generally a secret to a conventional player. To make the excursion simpler for our perusers, CasinosOnline incorporated an extended rundown of all key glossary. Having realized this multitude of expressions and articulations, you’ll be the cool youngster at each Sic Bo table.

On this rundown, you’ll find both general terms and explicit phrasing that manages Sic Bo.

Any Double

Assuming you accept that two of the dice will stop at a similar number, you bet on any twofold. This bet pays at 11:1 and is otherwise called any pair.

Any One Number

This clear wagered shows the exact thing its name says. Assuming that the result lines up with your theory, you get compensated 1:1. Nonetheless, assuming you hit a streak and a similar number returns, you’ll procure 2:1 for two numbers and 12:1 for three sequential numbers.

Any Pair

Equivalent to any twofold.

Any Triple

Trusting that every one of the three dice will arrive on a similar number is called any triple bet. A few punters call it three of a sort, utilizing poker wording. In Sic Bo, this sort of wagered pays at 31 to 1.


Perhaps the smartest option that you can put in Sic Bo. It brings down the house edge and subsequently offers better chances. The “huge” is the bet you place accepting that the all out of the relative multitude of dice will be somewhere in the range of 11 and 17.

Bird enclosure

A kin to Sic Bo, however with a higher house edge and more regrettable chances which are not easy to use. The game got name after the bird enclosure formed gadget shakes the dice. Different names for Birdcage are Chuck a Luck or Grand Hazard.


A little gadget used to shake or tumble the dice prior to rolling.

Toss a Luck

A Sic Bo variation with lower payouts and more awful chances than the first game.

Mix Bet

Betting that two of the dice will show a similar number. Additionally alluded to as a couple match or match bet; pays at 6:1.


A gadget used to shake or tumble the dice, like an enclosure and shaker.


The individual addressing the gambling club who is responsible for the game, otherwise called the vendor. The term comes from French and is accordingly typically utilized inside Europe as it were.

Dai Siu

One more name for Sic Bo, signifying “Enormous Small”.


Inseparable from a croupier.


The three solid shapes set apart with number 1 through 6 on each side used to play Sic Bo and different dice games.

Dice Face

A name for the bet implying a particular number.

Twofold (Duo)

Equivalent to any match and any twofold.


Accepting that the absolute amount of the three dice will be a considerably number is called an even wagered.

Terrific Hazard

A British variation of Sic Bo with more terrible chances, like Birdcage.

High Low (Hi-Lo)

A Philippine rendition of Sic Bo.


A term used to allude to a gambling club; assuming it’s on the web, it’s likewise alluded to as an administrator.

House Edge

The house edge (advantage) is the numerical benefit that the club long haul has over players. The benefit gets that the club stays in business.


The marked parts on the Sic Bo table that infer where wagers ought to be set.

Live Sic Bo

The live variety of the conventional game, managed by a genuine seller progressively.

Lose on Any Triple

A Sic Bo decide that specifies that all little and enormous wagers lose when a triple is rolled.

Fortunate Dice

One more name for the round of Sic Bo.


Accepting that the complete amount of the three dice will be an odd number is called an odd bet.

Online Sic Bo

Equivalent to virtual Sic Bo, online Sic Bo is playable in an internet based gambling club for genuine cash or for the sake of entertainment.


Equivalent to blend bet, this bet infers that two of the dice will make the chose pair.


The payout proportion shows how much the club pays with respect to the cash bet. The least payout in Sic Bo is equal odds, which pays at 1:1. Then again, a triple bet pays at 180 to 1.

Paytable (Pay Table)

A game’s paytable elements every one of the conceivable bet types and payouts.


Short for an irregular number generator, RNG programming ensures that the result of each round is arbitrary.


Rehashing a similar bet as in the past round.


The activity of the dice when a series of Sic Bo starts. In online Sic Bo, there is a roll button rather than the actual rolling.


The article used to shake or tumble the dice in Sic Bo and different dice games.


A little is the bet you place accepting that the all out of the relative multitude of dice will be somewhere in the range of 4 and 10.

Snake Eyes

At the point when two bite the dust end up with one pip on every, this result is called snake eyes. Initially, the expression “snake eyes” was utilized in craps, however was progressively embraced in Sic Bo.


The second when the enclosure is moving is alluded to as turn. Players need to put down wagers before the twist occurs.

Solid Bet

A bet that incorporates every one of the three bite the dust and normally accompanies slim chances. Notwithstanding, as it’s the most drastically averse to occur, it has incredible payouts.

Tai Sai

The term Tai Sai is generally utilized in Asia to allude to the global name Sic Bo.

Three Dice Total

A bet on the absolute amount of the face-up pips of each of the three dice.

Three Single Number Combination

A bet that says that every one of the three dice will show the particular number the player wagers on.


Inseparable from Three Dice Total.

Two Faces

Inseparable from a blend bet – accepting that two kick the bucket will think of a similar number.

Feeble Bet

Wagering on the result on only a couple of kick the bucket.

Yee Hah Hi

A Macau variation of Sic Bo, just rather than numbers, in Yee Hah Hi, the pass on include images.
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